Yentil Yvette Flores | Twenty | Sydney, Australia. Love tigers, lions and all that's black & white. Collect cameras as a hobby, revolve around music and a TOTAL bookworm. Save the big cats. Sea Shepherds ⚓️.

Most that's on here is dedicated to you. If only you knew.

You don’t even know.

It’s almost like you were compelled. Loving me. Hugging me. Kissing me.

Oh the kisses. The smugness on your face. The attitude. The vibe.

Wish I weren’t so pissy today. Maybe then I could’ve taken it in and enjoyed it more. But then again, was it real?

Compelled. It’s like that.

But you still don’t know. You haven’t seen. I fear you never will.
I can just tell.

Today will be one of those days.
And you don’t even know.

Americans: Youtube
Australians: Youchube
Lightning scares me.

So do you.

I miss you. I miss us. I love you.

There used to be a time when I looked at you and saw the reflections in your eyes. I could tell when they’re a soft blue that you’re happy, content. They turn a soft green and I could see the love when you looked at me. They turned a dark emerald with a hint of brown and blue and I could see the lust you had for me. Then I could see the almost black and dark shade of green, and I could see the aggravation. I could see you’re annoyance with me. But know it’d only last a while.

I now look into your eyes and I see empty. I can’t look at you the same anymore. They’re empty. So I’m left thinking, so is your heart?

Do you still love me the way you used to.
Do you still want me the way you used to.

Or have we lost our spark.
I think you’re either bored or too accustomed to me. I don’t see your eyes light up when you look at me. I see my reflection, and boredom. I see you as seeing me as an all day everyday chore. I’m always by you. Always with you. That you’ve become blind to who I am. To why I’m with you.

Are we together because of love? Or comfort?
I can’t tell the difference. It could be both. But I don’t know.

I want you to kiss me. But kiss me everyday like you’ve been waiting for me your whole life. Devour me. Love me. Want me. I want us to be all wrapped in each other and forget the world for days. Just be happy to be with each other. I want you to look at me like I’m all you see. I want you to look at me with desire. With love.

Notice the things I say. Notice who I am. My flaws, but love me for them. Love me mostly because of them. Because you accept me for me.

Why do I feel like this 100% of the time. Like I want this more than you. Like my world will
crumble in ruins without you, but yours will simply move on. Why do I feel like I need to push and push to receive. Why can’t we have an even playing ground. Why can’t we love they way they do in books. Why can you love that way.

I just want you. I want you to need me. To want me. To love and cherish me. To protect me. Never let anything or anyone get to me.

In my world this exists. In your world I’m a comfort zone. In reality we seem happy.